Yes, I realize I have forgotten here. However, I am going to start off by saying simply that I am alive. My UTAU are all alive.

Exciting news for them.

They are all going to be worked on big time. ACT2's and oto fixes galore here. I'm gonna limit to one a month, making life easier on me. ^ ^;

Aya has an ACT2 out already, you can check it out on my YouTube. I'll put up the new Download link for her.

Watch my dA for polls about my UTAU if you want to be in on who goes up in what month.

So far, here is who I need to work on:

Kamine Kiyoshi (Currently working on otoing a re-recorded bank)
Feiruko ACT2
Feiruko Append (oto fixing and re-record some sounds possibly)
Zuikou Tereya ACT2 (Might be possibility of Append, no promises)
Yoshine Aya Appends (There is more than one that I have recorded or waiting to be recorded)
Nakunarune Kakera ACT2
Amadare Yukiko ACT2
Amadare Yukiko Append(s) (Possibility if X-37 agrees to voicing one or two)
Nakurnarune Kakera ACT2
Viola and Cesario (oto and release)

Long list, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. But I can do it one at a time hopefully. So, look forward to ALL that.

Yeah, that's it for update. Love you all. C:

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