Update? =w=

Haha! I am updating! 8D

Anyways, that other post? All the official gunk. Pff, not like anyone would read through that anyways.

At any rate, Feiruko is released and officially on the UTAU wiki. Check her out: Feiruko on the UTAU Wiki!

I don't know who to release next~ BUT THERE IS A NEW CHAYLOID COMING SOON TO THE FAMILY. <3

Her name? Yukiko Amadare. This is first, last style, no worries. :3 The Voicebank is still going through recording, so look forward to seeing that in the future. ;)

Too bad I couldn't get a TeTeTe UST... I would have tested it and linked what little we did record.

Yes, 'we'. I got one of my friends to voice this UTAU. :3 The friend's chosen screen name is X37. So Yu-chan will be voiced by X37.

In other news... Wait. I have no other news. This is all I needed to update on. XD

SO. Vote in the Poll for who should be the next CHAYloid released! 8D That's it for this entry~
(Short, I know. But didn't I say not to expect anymore really long and organized posts from me? XD If  not, I'mma sayin' it now.)


Chay's Shiny New Blog


"So. Chay made a blog did she?"
"Yes, and they say it's shiny and new!"
"Oh cool, let's go see!"

I can tell you're all like that. Haha, not really. Anyways... I made a blog. It's shiny. :3 Chay likes shiny new things.
Don't expect me to constantly update this thing, I'm not that kind of person. Heck, I'll probably forget about the whole entire thing then come back and be all like: "Well... Oops."

Anyways, this is needed if I wanna put my UTAU into the UTAU Wiki. Normally, otherwise, I wouldn't be doing this. Like I seriously made Twitter and Formspring for my UTAU based on what Shiroi was doing. So. This is sure gonna be fun. A new experience. Even if I'm not using Twitter accounts at all. XD

So, Feiruko is to be released real soon, yay! I expect her done and out later today or even like after this post. I wonder if anyone cares at all since hardly anyone will be reading this. ._.


Okay, I guess I should give out some links and explain some shit, shouldn't I? Okay, so, here's some links:

Chay's YouTube
Chay's deviantART
Chay's Twitter

So, first off... My YouTube. This is basically for all my videos. Anything UTAU/VOCALOID I do will go on there and be shared via that.
Next up is my deviantART. Art that pretains to UTAU will go there, I'll make a folder in my Gallery for it, so watch me there if you like my art at all. Mind you, I dislike requests and I wont be drawing UTAU constantly. :3
Final link here is... My Twitter. The Twitter I never update. Okay, so Follow me there if you like for updates every-so-often/whenever I remember the existence of my Twitter.

I did not include my 4Share and Aimini Accounts for the simple reason that it is not needed anyone follow me on those since I'll probably link the MP3's via videos on YouTube for all my UTAU/VOCALOID things. If you want an MP3, feel free to request it via YT. <3

==My UTAU (The CHAYloids)==

Okay, so now... Covering my UTAU. Fun, huh? Lots of 'okay's and 'so's and 'now's. ._. Anyways...

Feiru is what I nickname her as, so you'll see me refer to her like this. Her name means 'fail child' and originated from a suggestion by Shiroi. She is the first of my UTAU to be released. Even if I promised Kiyoshi first a long time ago, it's Feiruko that got finished up fully first. She is to be released singing 'World Is Mine' with a Speed Paint as the video. However, I doubt the Speed Paint will end up working, but we'll see, won't we? Like the other UTAU I will list here, you will have to download her to fully learn about her. She will be located in that one little gadget thingy that will appear once I add in her link. It's a gadget thingy for downloading my UTAU's VoiceBanks. There will also be links in my YT vids, and I am rambling(do that a lot).
I will be generous enough to show her concept art here and now and not make you wait to see it:

Yoshine Aya (吉音  彩)

Okay, so this is another one I did. Her first name is Aya and her last is Yoshine. Just wanted to clear that up since I put the name last, first style. It also happens to mean 'colorful lucky sound'. Anyways. Her voicebank IS done, I'm just a little lazy with her release, and besides, the 'Character' and 'ReadMe' files are non-existent atm. And I need to re-do her art. So hold on for her. A little info ahead of time? Her item is Skittles and she IS a Diclonius. Diclonius is based off the Elfen Lied fandom, no idea why I chose that, but it's cool anyways. Aya is not only a CHAYloid but she is also a CandyLoid. She represents Skittles, hence her item. I have a sketch of her new pose and a colored version of the old pose. I'll show the old pose: 

Kamine Kiyoshi (神 淳)

Kiyoshi is my first male UTAU that I used my own voice for. In case you haven't taken the hint, I'm a female. Anyways, Kiyo as I have taken to calling him, has yet to have an official design. At least he has a name anyways. His name means 'pure god sound' and is basically an oxymoron in my eyes as to what he sounds like. Since he has no design, I will share a song I have made using his VoiceBank and uploaded. He will probably not be released until after Aya's release. At any rate, the song I promised to share:
Ai Wa Sensou - Kamine Kiyoshi

Unnamed Female

This is basically as it says. She's unnamed, just a voice. I haven't uploaded yet, but I have shared her voice with friends such as Shiroi. Yes, Shiroi and I are very close. Anyways. This is more or less something I made with 'fail' in mind. She is pretty breathy and soft, and I sort of like that. There is really nothing more to say on her except I don't expect to finish her up and release her unless someone asks that of me. 


So, this ends my first blog post. It's an introduction to basically everything in a small way. I need to make a starting post SOMETIME anyways. So, here it is. :3 
This ends the shiny newness I guess, though with me forgetting it constantly which I may just do I suppose it'll stay shiny and new. =w= 
Okay, I refrained from using smileys for most of this post and I hate it. o3o 
So, expect more smileys in future blog posts. >w< Yes I am spamming them now. XD 

This really will end my post I hope. >_> I wrote a lot more than I will expect myself to in the future. Pff, for fuck's sake it's 2:52 in the friggin' morning. I think I should finish and go to bed. I obviously need the sleep. Oh yeah, I forgot. I like to swear. =u= So, expect some of that too. Just warning...like...yeah. So. If I missed any shit, I'll update in the morn' Or... Later on today. I'll probably get up at like... what... 3 or 4PM. ._. 
I live in Canada and go by the EST time. So now you know. XD 

Kay, so, this is REALLY the last sentence. :3 So like, bye?