Update? =w=

Haha! I am updating! 8D

Anyways, that other post? All the official gunk. Pff, not like anyone would read through that anyways.

At any rate, Feiruko is released and officially on the UTAU wiki. Check her out: Feiruko on the UTAU Wiki!

I don't know who to release next~ BUT THERE IS A NEW CHAYLOID COMING SOON TO THE FAMILY. <3

Her name? Yukiko Amadare. This is first, last style, no worries. :3 The Voicebank is still going through recording, so look forward to seeing that in the future. ;)

Too bad I couldn't get a TeTeTe UST... I would have tested it and linked what little we did record.

Yes, 'we'. I got one of my friends to voice this UTAU. :3 The friend's chosen screen name is X37. So Yu-chan will be voiced by X37.

In other news... Wait. I have no other news. This is all I needed to update on. XD

SO. Vote in the Poll for who should be the next CHAYloid released! 8D That's it for this entry~
(Short, I know. But didn't I say not to expect anymore really long and organized posts from me? XD If  not, I'mma sayin' it now.)

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