Release Schedule's?

I start this off with an apology. I have forgoten about the blog. OTL

...But did I not say I would? XD

Of course being typical I forgot my password. But I did remember after like... 15 minutes.

ANYWAYS. That aside, I'm updating now, so woot. Okay, Releases for UTAU!

First, allow me to show you over the current WIP's I have going on.


Aya Yoshine = Tie up loose ends
Kiyoshi Kamine = Design, Tie up loose ends, perhaps record over again
Feiruko = Working on an Append
Yukiko Amadare = Tie up loose ends
Tereya Zuikou(Previously Unnamed) = Originally not for release so debating her release, if decided to release: tie up loose ends as well
Unamed UTAU 2 = This one needs basically a name, design, and loose ends tied up

SO. Those are all of them. I will go into detail on a few since people are probably confused. First off, Tereya and the other Unnamed buddy. Tereya was previously unnamed until she was pulled out of the files and named by Shiroi. I decided to keep Tereya's VB for myself and my few close friends who would like her. But when I posted her on YouTube, I get one of the people I look up to asking why I kept her all to myself. So, I'm debating with her. Don't know if I should release her or not.
But for the 'unnamed' other...That one is different from Tereya entirely. I actually pitched Aya's voicebank to create this one since my voice will only go so far. Anyways, I can do this because Aya is mine, neh? So yeah. This unnamed one I kind of want to be based off Canada...But I am thinking otherwise now. I want more or less of either a Canada-themed UTAU now or just a cute little child one. Actually, I am deciding it now. She will be a child UTAU. Because it just works best for me. I am now stuck on what to name her. I suppose she can be related to Aya. Don't know. She may end up a Yoshine. Not sure yet. I'll consult Shiroi.
Next on the list to relieve confusion over? Feiruko Append. That was my descision. I wanted to try making an Append. It all worked pretty damn well except for one thing: ko. That sound is messed. It's just like Yukiko's 'n' sound. Difference between the two problems? I can fix the Append one. So that is alright. However, moving to Yukiko, her voicer and I aren't talking anymore, we just had a 'falling out' so X-37 as she calls herself will be unavailable to fix up Yukiko. So we'll all have to deal with a hiccuping 'n' sound. And for that, I doubt she will ever get attention. Perhaps she may have an ACT2 if X-37 and I ever make up.

I hope that cleared confusions. Moving on to other news, there may be a new UTAUloid coming into the CHAYloids. This one is voice by a cousin of mine. She was supposed to be down and voicing this weekend, but something got in the way of that. So, I have no idea if this UTAU is to be voiced or not. She said she wants to, so I'm just going to hang tight until we can surely sort it out whether it will be done or not. Right now, it's just an idea up in the air.

Okay. No. Release dates. I am planning Yukiko to be out on the 10th. Aya was supposed to be out last month, but that never happened. I am hoping to get her out before the 15th. And the Feiruko Append will most likely be out today, tomorrow or the 4rth. Kiyoshi has no designated release date as of yet, and the Unnamed UTAU probably will not be out this month. Odds are I will keep Kiyo and Unnamed behind to release in November. Something to look forward too. Actually, thinking about it, the Unnamed will be officially released on December 17th. This is a special day, however, I will  not say what is so special about it. So that leaves Kiyoshi the only one without a release date so far.

WHEW! Glad that's off my chest! It's a lot to take in I know. Like a news report, am I right? Haha.
So yes. That is all you'd need to know of the CHAYloids for now. <3

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