Kami Has Been Released!

Yeah. Kami is out. 8D

And she officially is a part of the CHAYloids blog.

Check Out Kami's Release Here!

Yeah, she's pretty awesome. I am featuring her in my Halloween UTAU song thing. XD;; You'll see when I put it out.

Anyways, Kami's DL will be linked like the rest of the CHAYloids. So you can DL her with the CHAYloids. 8D

I will be posting updates as they are given to me by her maker(Well, pitcher, but same freakin diff). So, look forward to Kami updates. 8D


Also, I would like to say that Kiyoshi Kamine is coming out soon! I just need to straighten him out. I hope to have him out before the Halloween UTAU Special I kind of sort of am planning. So yeah.But if not, then I guess I can deal. But still, look out for Kiyo coming out. 8D

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