Updates FTW

...I need naming skills. OTL

Anyways. It's the 9th. Meaning tomorrow Yukiko comes out!
Excited? I am sorta. XD

A new UTAU jumps into the CHAYloid family! <3 A pitchloid off of Tereya. Who? Kami Shouchikubai! What does her name mean? "Top High" She belongs to a good friend of mine who I'mma call Chibi Kokoro cause that was her original name in the 'Chibi' family. <3

So this blog now features Kami. ^ ^

Anyways. Aya may be released with Yukiko tomorrow. I mean come on, 10/10/10! Once in a lifetime chance here. <3 So look forward for tomorow! 8D

....Yeah, that was all I wanted to say. So I'll leave you with Yukiko's cover of Dear You I uploaded a while ago on YT but never posted here or anything. XD


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